To enter France and attend the 73rd International Astronautical Congress in Paris, some restrictions must be respected due to the COVID 19 pandemic. You will find on this page the updated Covid-19 travel restrictions, as well as Visa information.


Covid-19 – Conditions on travel to France

This information was updated on 01/03/2022


Travel restrictions

For travelers vaccinated within the meaning of European regulations, no more tests is required on departure. Proof of a complete vaccination schedule becomes sufficient to arrive in France, regardless of the country of origin, as was the case before the distribution of the Omicron variant.

For unvaccinated travellers, the obligation to present a negative test to travel to France remains, but the measures on arrival (test, isolation) are lifted when they come from countries on the “green” list, characterized by a moderate circulation of the virus.

When unvaccinated travelers come from a country on the “orange” list, they must continue to present a compelling reason justifying the need for them to come to mainland France and may still be subject to a random test on arrival. Travelers who test positive will have to isolate themselves, in accordance with the recommendations of the Health Insurance.

The entry conditions to French territory are defined by the classification of departure countries (countries and territories on “green”, “orange”, “red” and “scarlet red” lists) indicated below.

See here for rules for each country by category



Information about vaccination in France

You can enter France with the following vaccines:

  • 28 days after one dose of the Janssen vaccine,
  • 7 days after the second dose for the other vaccines recognized by the European Medicines Agency (EMA) (Pfizer/Comirnaty, Moderna, AstraZeneca/Vaxzevria/Covishield)
  • For people who have received all the required doses of a vaccine authorized by the WHO which has not been recognized by the EMA, 7 days after one additional dose of a messenger RNA vaccine recognized by the EMA.


Vaccinal pass in France:

A digital or paper version of one of the following may be provided as a vaccination pass.

  • A vaccine certificate showing full vaccination, including a booster.
    • A certificate of recovery from COVID (from 11 days to 6 months prior),
    • A certificate of medical reasons for not being vaccinated.

Children under 12 years of age are not required to present a COVID certificate or vaccination pass.

Some places in France are accessible only with the pass, but you do not need it to enter the country.

More information about vaccinal pass here.


Covid-19 entry documents

You may be asked to fill two forms before boarding for France
• The EU-PLF form is for travellers arriving on the territory of a European Union Member State. While rules to fill the form may vary between EU countries, it is compulsory for travellers who wish to enter France.
• The Eos electronic form is for travellers coming from ‘orange’ or ‘red’ countries and territories.


Find out if you require a Short-Stay Visa!


Because the Schengen member states do not need any type of visa to pass from one country to another, and since the Schengen Area has reached visa-free travel agreements with many countries the nationals of these countries are permitted to enter France for short-stay without the need to obtain a visa first.

The following categories also do not need a visa to enter France:

  • Holders of France resident permit
  • Holders of a residence permit of a Schengen country
  • Holders of a valid long-stay visa of a Schengen country
  • Holders of an EU family member’s residence or EU long-term residence permit
  • Holders of a passport of a “British National Overseas”, “British Overseas Territories Citizen”, “British Protected Person”, “British Subject”
  • Holders of a special residence card as a diplomatic or consular staff

If you are not part of the list above, you need a Visa. You can complete your application online with France-Visas here, and then submit it to your local visa centre. France-Visas will provide you with all necessary information on how and where to submit your application.

Then, you can track your application progress here.

Please submit your application way in advance of your departure, as processing applications vary depending on your nationality.


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