Dear Partners, Dear Friends,

Hosted in Paris by the French space agency CNES, IAC 2022 will offer you a unique set of opportunities:
– IAC is the one place and time of the year where all global space players come together. The most recent editions of the event have attracted more than 6,500 participants from more than 80 countries.
– France is one of the world’s most visited countries and easily accessible for delegates from all nations, offering an impressive range of opportunities for social and cultural activities and events. Paris itself has a wealth of worldrenowned museums and monuments that attract thousands of international visitors every year.

These opportunities will be enhanced because:
France is also one of the world’s leading countries for space activities. From the first flights of Ariane 40 years ago to the recent success of InSight, the first mission to probe the core of Mars, the French space community has conceived, designed and developed innovative space solutions, and is supporting the nation’s most prestigious missions, notably in the field of advanced science.
2022 is a great year: the celebrations of the 60th anniversary of CNES’s inception
– The IAF is at the heart of the global space evolution. With its worldwide and diverse membership, the Federation recognizes the gobal nature of space through its motto Connecting @ll Space People. In a continuously evolving and diversifying space environment with new actors and space entrepreneurs, as well as an increasing number of emerging space nations getting involved, the IAF deeply commits to supporting globalization of space through its manifold platforms and activities.
For IAC 2022, our motto is “Space for @ll”: we will be reaching beyond the space community to bring together all communities along with the burgeoning global ecosystem of start-ups, entrepreneurs, laboratories, research scientists and manufacturers likely to get involved in space activities or benefit from them. We will offer great opportunities for networking and forging contacts and potential partnerships.

In addition, we will offer you a unique congress venue: the Paris Convention Centre. It is not only the largest convention centre in Europe, but also located in central Paris and easy to reach by metro, tram and bus. Thanks to its compact architecture, the exhibition will be the heart of the congress, reaching all delegates.

We look forward to welcoming you to Paris!

Lionel Suchet

Chairman of the IAC 2022 Local Organizing Committee

Pascale Ehrenfreund

IAF President

World’s premier global space event

5 congress days

Plenary Lectures, Highlight Lectures, Global Networking Forum, Technical Programme, Interactive Sessions and much more

Over 250 exhibitors

Unique chance for organizations to showcase their developments and contributions to key industry representatives

Over 6,500 delegates

Networking and meeting opportunities with aerospace, defense and government leaders, and industry entrepreneurs

Encouraging public awareness

Great opportunity for visitors to discover the space industry and its implication in the world we are living in.

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