Technical Visit to Interstellar Lab

Tuesday 20 September 2022

Duration: 9:00 to 12:00

Participants: minimum 15 people / maximum 20 people

Price per person: 80 € tax included

Included: transportation to and from the Paris Convention Centre + welcome coffee + technical visit of Interstellar Lab

Not included: Transportation from the hotel to Paris Convention Centre, lunch

Interstellar Lab – Environment-controlled modules for crop cultivation on Earth & life-support in space 

Interstellar Lab designs and builds systems to help life thrive on Earth and expand in space. It specializes in developing environment-controlled pods and systems that create ideal conditions for plants to grow on Earth, in LEO, on the Moon, and Mars. Its solutions are used from sustainable farming, biodiversity conservation, and natural ingredient sourcing for industries on Earth to astronaut life-support and food production in space.

During this visit, Interstellar Lab will present its first BioPod, the most efficient indoor farm on earth, for the first time to IAC visitors. BioPod creates the perfect climatic conditions for more than 300+ plant species (flowers, fruits, vegetables, mushrooms) to grow.