Technical Visit to Cannes

Thursday 22 and Friday 23 September 2022

Duration: from Thursday 22 September 14:00 to Friday 23 September 13:30

Participants: minimum 15 people / maximum 20 people

Price per person: 745 € tax included


Day 1: transfer from Nice city-center to the Observatoire de la Côte d’Azur (Mont Gros, Nice) for a 3 hour-visit, transfer to Cannes, dinner, night at the hotel (single room)

Day 2: breakfast, visit of Thales Alenia Space, lunch, transfer to the city-center

Not included: transportation to and from Cannes

Observatoire de la Côte d’Azur, Mont Gros, Nice

During a walk in a 35-hectare forest park, a guide will help you discover the scientific and natural heritage of Mont Gros. The historical monuments signed by Charles Garnier, the instruments of observations of the XIX century, and exceptional sights on the Bay of the Angels will punctuate this guided tour which will take you along to the new exhibition, UNIVERSARIUM. Over 130 years old, the Observatory of Nice displays in UNIVERSARIUM a collection of old instruments, true witnesses of the evolution of science. Beyond these scientific objects, this innovative space educates about the researchers and founders of the observatory leading up to the astronomers of today.

Thales Alenia Space Cannes

Thales Alenia Space Cannes is a 90-year-old site with a fascinating story. Based on the front of the beach, this plant is a technology gem, unique in Europe.

Around 2000 employees are spread over 18 acres of infrastructure with 15,000 square meters of clean rooms.

Here we build satellites in all domains. For telecoms, emblematic programs like Konnect VHTS and SES-17 are currently being integrated and tested. Constellations like Iridium NEXT have been designed in Cannes, and more are coming.

There is a unique optical center where very high-resolution optical instruments are produced (from Helios to CSO and Pléiades).

Whether in the field of Telecommunication or Observation, such as the Copernicus mission or Meteosat family, the site is known worldwide for the final integration of satellite systems that depart from Nice Airport to launch sites all over the world.