Technical Visit to Limeil-Brévannes

Monday 19 September 2022

Duration: 8:45 to 14:00

Participants: minimum 15 people / maximum 20 people

Price per person: 27 € tax included

Included: Transfer by private minibus to and from Paris Convention Centre and visits of Sodern, welcome coffee and lunch

Not included: Transportation from the hotel to Paris Convention Centre

Sodern – Star trackers and space cameras: discover the portfolio and facilities of a world leader

Sodern is a world leader in space optronics, with a substantial knowledge base and experience developing star trackers, space cameras, and optical instruments for any type of mission, from Low Earth Orbit to Deep Space Exploration.

Sodern offers the world’s largest star tracker portfolio, able to meet the needs of every customer. We produce up to 100 very high-performance, reliable star trackers per year, for missions including LEO observation, LEO & GEO scientific and meteorological satellites, GEO satcoms, MEO missions, interplanetary probes. We produce up to 1000 small-size, small-weigh, highly competitive star trackers for constellations and small satellites in LEO and GEO.

Sodern develops on-demand high-end cameras for space exploration (ex. ESA Juice’s navigation camera and NASA Europa Clipper’s modified star trackers), science, defense, satellite monitoring…

Come and discover these activities through a detailed visit of our production facilities.

Auriga CP